The International Seminar on Bioscience and Drug Discovery (ISBDD) 2019 is an international event which is held to disseminate scientific results of research projects related to the fields of bioscience and drug discovery. The ISBDD is planned to be performed annually to guarantee the sustainability of this event to develop scientific works in bioscience and drug discovery fields. ISBDD 2019 is organized by Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Hasanuddin, Indonesia. It will be held in Makassar, the capital city of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, on November 7th -8th, 2019.

Our topics include:

  • Plant Biodiversity
  • Marine Sciences
  • Computational Biology
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Ecopharmacognosy and Environmental medicine
  • Underground resources
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Mineral Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and Drug Productions
  • Earth Microbiomes and Drug Resources
  • Geographical aspects of Bioresources
  • Disasters and Emergency Medicines
  • Sustainable synthesis and Green Extraction
  • Nano-scale Pharmaceutical Technology and Formulation
  • Environmental Pollution and Climate Change

Various health problems related to the effectiveness, quality, and safety of pharmaceutical ingredients respond to the unavoidable progress of diseases have been continuously faced by the community. It is not only in developing countries such as Indonesia, but also in all levels of society in the world. Thus, by utilizing the rapidness and dynamic development of pharmaceutical science and technology in the discovery and development of new drugs would be a global compensation to overcome those health-pharmaceutical ingredients issues.

In pharmaceutical fields, it is known that a new developed drug must go through a series of risk and benefit analysis before claiming the effectiveness to manipulate diseases. The series has been usually initiated through screening active molecular compounds along with chemical synthesis to scientifically find a potential compound from nature. After that several development steps including determination of drug characteristics, safety and efficacy analysis, dosage formulation, bridging in vitro – in vivo would be subsequently conducted. These stages are complementary before being reevaluated by official organizations including FDA (USA), Indonesia National Agency of Food and Drug Control (Indonesia) that may take years, and require huge financial support.

Research about drug discovery has been massively conducted by scientists around the world including in Indonesia. In term resources, the natural heritage and uniqueness of Indonesia promise tremendous potential source of traditional medicine raw materials, which must be properly utilized and optimally sustained. It is not only for pharmaceutical active ingredients, but also for additive and excipients purposes. This is a great benefit for Indonesian scientists, having the support naturally that may lead in innovation of pharmaceutical products in the future. As an effort to support and find wide solutions to the health-pharmaceutical ingredients problems, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Hasanuddin will held and provide a scientific platform, namely International Seminar on Bioscience and Drug Discovery (ISBDD 2019), as means to share, publish, discuss and inventory the latest emerging innovations in the field of, but not limited to, pharmaceutical sciences and technology.

This seminar would be a media in gathering scientists, professionals, stake holders, other pharmaceutical sciences related experts involved in collaboration to generate a real concept or product as a solution to the problems not only in Indonesian context, but globally also in the world. Interestingly, the seminar will be held in Makassar that has widely known for its variety uniqueness from the traditional culinary, coastal areas to beautiful scenery.


The seminar aims to: (1) discuss and publish the latest developments of pharmaceutical science and technology; (2) present research results as part of education and learning process for students, professionals, other pharmaceutical sciences expertise, (3) find and generate new ideas in term of the use, and application of methods that are beneficial for research in the pharmaceutical field, (4) identify the latest research that could have an impact on regulations and policies related to the national pharmacy bodies, (5) establish quality networks between universities, government, and other relevant parties.

Researchers, professionals, students, and other expertise from pharmaceutical sciences are invited to participate in this seminar. The participations could be as oral presenters, poster presenters, general participants, authors in paper publication in the a Scopus-indexed proceeding.

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